The Development of Wescott’s Asset Allocation Policy

Wescott’s Asset Allocation Policy has been developed after years of research and observations, and is built upon a deep foundation of academic and economic research. We begin with an analysis of long term historical performance trends or the various asset classes, utilizing the University of Chicago’s Center for Research in Security Prices (“CRSP”). We then overlay…

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Market Outlook and Perspective for 2014

We attended the 32nd Annual Monetary and Trade Conference recently held in Philadelphia by the Global Interdependence Center. The topic “Monetary Policy in Transition: Implications for Growth, Markets and the Dollar” brought forth various perspectives about the Federal Reserve and its options going forward. Presenters included economists, academics, investment professionals and former members of the…

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Second Quarter Market Outlook and Perspective for 2014

Market Outlook and Perspective The fearmongers are back, with articles and newsletters predicting the next “50% crash” and numerous opinions about valuations, with Professor Jeremy Siegel and Nobel Prize winner Robert Shiller engaged in a public debate. We thought it would first be helpful to put in perspective how rare it is to have a…

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