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Wescott’s unique blend of experience and innovation has culminated in more than 30 years of industry-leading financial service. We rely on that experience and our approach to guide you through.

For exemplary long-term success and commitment to our clients, Wescott is a proud member of Barron’s Hall of Fame, having appeared in more than 10 of the organization’s annual Top 100 Advisor Rankings, including 2020. Wescott has also been named the #1 Advisor in Pennsylvania in Barron’s 2020 Top 1200 Advisor Rankings by State.

Additionally, Wescott is honored to be recognized as one of 2019’s Top 100 Financial Advisors by CNBC.

A Partnership from the Start

Wealth is powerful. Wealth is personal. But wealth isn’t easy. The demands of managing the moving parts of your financial life along with the desire to leave a lasting, meaningful legacy for your family can be all-consuming. At Wescott, we understand the challenges wealth can bring.

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