Gain a Comprehensive, Organized View of Your Total Financial Picture


At Wescott, we know successful financial planning is only possible when you and your financial advisory team have a clear view of all of your assets and your goals. That’s why we developed a proprietary process to bring together every piece of your financial life into a complete financial plan. It’s called PerfectScore®.

PerfectScore® is used to identify ways that we can work together to further ensure that we are utilizing all of Wescott’s vast capabilities and professional expertise to your advantage.

Some specific examples include:

  1. Delivery of a highly secure meeting place and cloud-based digital storage for your important documents that minimizes the threat of identity theft and cyber fraud, called myWescottVault®.
  2. Analysis of how your cash flow needs changed in the last year.
  3. Assessment of your tax minimization strategy to ensure that it is advantageous and maximized each year.
  4. Discussion and evaluation of your comprehensive estate plan at least every three years.
  5. Review of your exposure to and management of risk (insurance) at least every three years.

Designed to provide you with the peace of mind and the assurance that we are proactively focusing on all areas of financial planning, PerfectScore® allows you to work closely with your Wescott advisor so you are able to continuously track your progress towards your complete financial picture.  You have the power to ensure that we are ratifying and documenting your objectives.

With PerfectScore®, your advisor bases the advice they give you on both your financial assets and your financial mindset, giving you the confidence to make the best decisions to elevate and achieve your life goals.

Let us help you reach your goals today. Contact us to speak with an advisor.

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