A Professional Fiduciary When You Need It

For Your Financial, Family or Business Needs

Trust Services

Wescott Trust Services provides wide-ranging solutions for clients whose financial, family or business needs require the services of a professional fiduciary.

We are a shareholder of National Advisors Trust Company.

Wescott Trust Services provides these solutions for our clients through our association with National Advisors Trust Company, the largest federally chartered trust bank created by registered investment advisors.

Along with National Advisors Trust Company, we work with our clients’ individual estate planning professionals to deliver seamless support for all of their trust and estate planning needs.

A Trusted Partnership

By working together, Wescott Trust Services, National Advisors Trust Company and the client’s estate planning professional are able to build a strong foundation for the client by providing a solid trustee solution, while helping clients protect their wealth and remain confident about the future of their estates.

Your Trust Solution: Locally Managed with National Coverage

By working with our nationally chartered trust bank, Wescott Trust Services delivers a comprehensive, locally managed trust service solution for our clients.

Retain Wescott Financial Advisory Group, LLC as the investment advisor while gaining access to the talented, experienced trust professionals from Wescott Trust Services.

Benefit from incomparable trust services with a competitive fee structure.

Opt to work with co-trustees by sharing administrative responsibilities to achieve the objectives of the trust and meet the needs of the beneficiaries

Local Support.
Combining face-to-face meetings with Wescott trust representatives and the scope of a federally chartered trust bank provides peace of mind to clients. With national coverage, clients are able to relocate to another state with no concerns about a move affecting their trust administration.

Wescott Financial Advisory Group, LLC, a Trust Representative Office of National Advisors Trust Company (NATC) and National Advisors Trust of South Dakota, Inc. (NATSD) doing business as Wescott Trust Services.

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