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We Bring Your Wealth to Life™

Who We Are

Wescott is an independent registered investment advisory and wealth management firm with a unique approach to achieving client goals.

We understand the challenges wealth can bring.

Founded in 1987 by CEO Grant Rawdin, Esq. from his tax and business practice at national law firm Duane Morris LLP, Wescott now has nearly $3.5 billion in assets under management with offices in Philadelphia, Fort Washington, Harleysville, and Miami.

Unlike many firms that view wealth in a vacuum, we integrate financial expertise and life expertise into a single advisory service that helps clients see all sides of every financial decision. It’s a specialized approach we call Life-Minded Wealth®.

Our Professionals

At the center of our approach is a team of interdisciplinary experts including J.D.s, LL.M.s, CPAs, a Ph.D., MBAs, CFP®s, CIMA® and CLUs. Our dynamic team delivers customized advice and strategies based on each client’s specific needs.

Our History

Wescott Financial Advisory Group is an independent, SEC-registered, fee-only investment advisory and wealth management firm, but at the heart of our firm is our proud mission of Achieving Client Goals.  It’s a mission that has driven Founder and CEO, Grant Rawdin, and the Wescott Team for over 35 years.  With this inspiration, coupled with the team’s passion, we have helped countless, ultra-high-net-worth and high-net-worth individuals, families and institutions around the country meet their unique financial goals at all stages of their lives, during years of asset accumulation to times of transition to years of retirement.

Wescott is a certified B Corp.

Certification received May 2020. B Corp Certification is a designation that a business is meeting high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency on factors from employee benefits and charitable giving to supply chain practices and input materials. Wescott pays a fee and submits an Impact Assessment to qualify for and maintain this certification.

We believe in using business as a force for good- investing in people, communities and the planet. We believe that we all have a duty to make the world a better place.

Our Roots

The firm’s roots trace back to Duane Morris LLP, the venerable, international law firm established in 1904, where Grant spent his early career.  Serving as a tax and business attorney, Grant began providing personal financial services to his legal clients and through this work is how the foundation for Wescott was created.  Combining his expertise in tax-efficient and personalized wealth management with Duane Morris’ tradition of ardent client representation, Grant founded Wescott in 1987 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  To this day, Wescott and Duane Morris sustain a supportive, mutual partnership.

Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Wescott has grown organically over the decades and more recently through strategic partnerships and acquisitions.  In December 2021, Wescott acquired the Harleysville, PA based Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), Asset Planning Services.  This $800 million firm, with nearly 20 team members, provided current and retired Merck® executives and other pharmaceutical executives and their families with practical and broad-based holistic financial guidance.  Now the Wescott Harleysville team, these talented individuals continue to serve these clients from the same location, with additional support from the Philadelphia headquarters.

Another notable acquisition occurred in the Spring of 2015 when Wescott acquired the boutique financial planning and advisory firm, Goodstein & Associates.  Along with new clients, this acquisition added a Fort Washington office and a dedicated team of experts in the area to our firm.  Currently, Wescott has offices in Philadelphia, Fort Washington, Harleysville, Miami, along with satellite offices around the country to help best serve our clients.

Our Team

Throughout our evolution, Wescott has remained focused on our driving force:  to leave a lasting positive impact on the lives of our clients as we help them achieve their goals.  This focus has been carried forth by our distinguished team of experts.  Wescott’s team of experts is comprised of over 50 professionals with over 70 designations and certifications amongst the group, including J.D.s, CFP®s, CFAs, CIMA®s and a Ph.D., substantive backgrounds in investments, financial planning, law, family counseling, staff psychology and taxation.  Our C-Suite boasts global financial, investment and operational experience.  It is this deep-rooted knowledge that has given us the strategic edge to provide tailor-made solutions to help our clients achieve financial success and personal fulfillment.

Our Philosophy and Services

Wescott’s team of experts have also helped create in-house, proprietary digital and financial solutions for our clients, along with our trademarked philosophy, Life-Minded Wealth®.  The Life-Minded Wealth® philosophy merges our clients’ psychological and emotional mindset, with their financial priorities, to help them achieve their life objectives.

A sampling of Our Services include Entrada® and myWescottVault®.  Introduced in 2012, myWescottVault® is our digital data sharing solution, which employs the most advanced security features and offers clients the ability to maintain all critical financial, legal and personal documents in one secure place, with 24/7 access.  Entrada® is Wescott’s digitally-centered wealth management program for the client on their way to achieving the high-net-worth status.

Our Dedication

Along with these solutions, Wescott’s team showcases their dedication to our firm and Our Community through their support of local and national philanthropic organizations, from board membership to grassroots volunteerism.

From 1987 to today, our team, our culture, our philanthropy, our expertise and our solutions provide Wescott with the keys to achieve the firm’s ultimate goal:  clients’ success.

Our Investment Philosophy

Our approach is rooted in academic and economic foundations, comprehensive market research and years of insights. It’s a forward-looking process built upon lessons from the past. We tailor our investment portfolios to our clients’ needs and risk appetites, using both passive and active management to help our clients reach their financial goals.

The Wescott Difference

We believe every financial decision, big or small, is driven by two sets of information: financial assets and financial mindsets. Only when viewed holistically do we have a complete view of your financial life. That’s why we integrate financial expertise with life expertise into a single advisory service – called the Life-Minded Wealth® Approach.

What We Offer

At Wescott, we know every individual, family and organization has different financial needs and life goals.

That’s why we offer many different services and strategies to help get you across your financial finish line.

Our suite of investment vehicles helps you build a diversified portfolio and our comprehensive financial and administrative services help you plan for tomorrow, for yourself, your family, your business and any organizations you support. For over 35 years, our team has created custom Wescott solutions that support you whenever, wherever and however you need. From full guidance to plans that put you in control, we provide you with a roadmap to support your journey to success.  It’s how We Bring Your Wealth to Life™.

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