Specialized Solutions for Merck® Professionals

Tailored wealth management strategies backed by over 35 years of experience.

MRK Powered by Wescott

Since 1987, MRK Powered by Wescott has been providing current and retired Merck® professionals with practical and broad-based holistic financial guidance.

Our team is deeply familiar with the intricate details of Merck’s professional and executive benefit and compensation plans, and has been a partner to over 400 Merck professionals. We tailor our plans to individual objectives, personal goals, habits, dynamics, and financial experience, developing customized strategies that consider both the personal and financial aspects of our clients’ lives through our specialized Life-Minded Wealth® approach.

We believe in building meaningful, long-term relationships with our clients to support them today and into the future.

Working with a Wescott Advisor, you can expect:

• Personalized recommendations and strategies to coordinate your benefit and compensation plans with your other personal financial planning resources.

• The benefit of in-house specialists and subject matter experts focused on navigating complex planning needs to help clients achieve their life and wealth management goals.

• Peace of mind working alongside someone who is fluent in Merck’s professional and executive benefits plans, and regularly reviews any and all updates to those plans to remain current.

• A single point of contact for seamless and personalized communication and counsel.

We are fluent in Merck's professional and executive benefits plans, including:

• US Savings Plan (401(k))

• US Salaried Qualified and Non-Qualified Pension Plans

• Flexible Benefits Plan

• Deferral and Supplemental Savings Plans

• Non-Qualified Stock Options (NQSOs)

• Restricted Stock Units and Performance Stock Units (RSUs and PSUs)

Our Services

We take a holistic approach and focus on six key components that help define your financial journey.

Our Team

Our collaborative team of certified financial professionals (CFP®), tax, estate and investment experts have a deep understanding of Merck’s* compensation offerings and have developed holistic wealth management strategies based on these specific plans. We take care to get to know you and your goals, and we are here to help you achieve peace of mind on your financial journey.

*The use of Merck’s name is neither a testimonial nor endorsement of Wescott, MRK Powered by Wescott or Wescott’s wealth management services by Merck & Co., Inc. (“Merck”), or any current or former employee of Merck. Additionally, Merck does not recommend, employ, or contract with Wescott to provide these services to Merck, or any of its employees. Merck’s name is strictly used to identify MRK Powered by Wescott’s selective client niche, as determined solely by Wescott. Wescott provides holistic wealth management services to individuals and families with all work backgrounds, while MRK Powered by Wescott primarily focuses on building relationships and sharing our more concentrated knowledge exclusively about, and for, Merck executives / retirees and their families, when selected to do so by those individuals.

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