A Powerful and Personal Approach

Investment and Wealth Management Tailored to You

Our Approach

Many firms deliver advice based solely on financial data or template strategies, ignoring the psychological and emotional context of a client’s mindset. This is not only incomplete, it may be dangerous.

We deliver more informed and more effective financial decisions to empower our clients.

As a result, many people with wealth may still feel confused, uncertain, anxious and negative. We provide a strategic plan and help lift the weight off of their shoulders.

Our Investment Philosophy

Our approach is rooted in academic and economic foundations, comprehensive market research and years of insights. It’s a forward-looking process built upon lessons from the past. We tailor our investment portfolios to our clients’ needs and risk appetites, using both passive and active management to help our clients reach their financial goals.

The Wescott Difference

We believe every financial decision, big or small, is driven by two sets of information: financial assets and financial mindsets. Only when viewed holistically do we have a complete view of your financial life. That’s why we integrate financial expertise with life expertise into a single advisory service – called the Life-Minded Wealth® Approach.

Wescott’s Team of Interdisciplinary Experts

Our expert team of financial advisors, CPAs, MBAs and attorneys, an on-staff psychologist and a Ph.D. help you see and consider all sides of every financial decision.

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