Building a Portfolio for Good

Investments that Reflect Your Values

Environmental, Social, and Governance Investing

Many firms deliver advice based solely on financial data or template strategies, ignoring the psychological and emotional context of a client’s mindset. Wescott is proud to offer our clients the ability to invest in the ideals that matter most to them.

Wescott strives to ensure that your values are reflected in your investment portfolio and in your financial impact on the world.

For more than 30 years, Wescott has infused forward-looking investment strategies with an unwavering focus on those investments that empower you to achieve your goals. Increasingly, those strategies and goals are taking on a global and impact-driven perspective.

Today, Wescott is proud to carry its progressive investment approach forward through its commitment to sustainable environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. We provide industry-leading, customized ESG investment portfolios to help fulfill our clients’ ethical ideals and financial goals. Due in part to our work in the ESG space to use investments as a force for good, Wescott is proud to be a Certified B Corp.

Defining ESG and Impact

ESG is synonymous with the factors investors consider when measuring an investment’s sustainable practices and ethical impact. Our unique approach to ESG offers portfolio managers added insight into the quality of a company’s management, corporate governance, social impact, and environmental footprint. These sustainable aspects can be incorporated into the overall evaluations of various investments and opportunities alongside more traditional financial performance metrics.

Listen to our Chief Investment Officer, Mark McCarron, and Chief Operating Officer, Carrie Delgott, discuss the ESG movement and Wescott’s ESG offering here.

Customized Portfolios for Responsible Impact

Our ESG-based investing solutions provide a wide range of sustainability focused options for structuring investments while capturing active return opportunities and managing portfolio risk in a tax-efficient manner.

We work personally with every client to create an ESG portfolio that’s tailored to your priorities and passions and is built to help you achieve your investing goals. We can develop portfolios using positive or negative tilts and can build ESG screens into a standalone sleeve or as part of a total portfolio strategy. Ongoing shareholder engagement gives clients the ability to actively drive meaningful impact through voting proxies and by submitting proposals.

Defining the Values that Matter to You

As a Certified B Corp, Wescott offers clients the powerful potential to customize portfolios to their sustainability focused interests and drive impact, all with a focus on portfolio performance.

Creating a Positive, Sustainable Impact with a Proven Approach

As the ESG and impact investing space has evolved, our solutions have evolved with it. But our approach remains rooted in the principles that have always guided Wescott’s investment philosophy. Our ESG focus is built on a foundation of open architecture and a smart blend of active and passive management to build a diverse, tax-sensitive portfolio.

We apply the same academic rigor and in-depth market research to every decision and recommendation we make in the ESG space. It’s a commitment our clients depend on and one that delivers the results and impact that help them meet their ideals and exceed their goals.

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