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Client Experience

Wealth is powerful. Wealth is personal. But wealth isn’t easy. The demands of managing the moving parts of your financial life along with the desire to leave a lasting, meaningful legacy for your family can be all-consuming. At Wescott, we understand the challenges wealth can bring.

From the first interaction of every client relationship, we begin to ease that burden. We know it’s our job to see and solve your toughest challenges—the ones that keep you up at night and even the ones you might not know about yet.

Through our Life-Minded Wealth® approach, we go further to understand what you want, what you need and what really drives your decisions. Our experts roll up their sleeves and dig into everything from family dynamics and financial habits to assets, income needs and legacy desires. We gain a deep understanding of what you truly need, and put a strategy and a team in place that will get you there and keep you there—without the worry that goes along with it.

Our approach is an ongoing circle of engagement, analysis, and implementation that continues throughout the length of our relationship.

Your advisor will:

  • Organize:  Gather all important documents in your life. Work with you on organizing your matters.  We consolidate all of your financial accounts in order to provide advice and oversight as well as comprehensive reporting on your entire financial universe.
  • Review:  Work to understand your specific needs, your business, your life, your family, your legacy. Wescott’s PerfectScore® is the centerpiece of our process. PerfectScore® is our commitment to organizing, centralizing and fully understanding the picture of your Life-Minded Wealth®. myWescottVault®, is our digital data gathering solution that allows us to help you reach your PerfectScore®.  It securely gathers and maintains your most important documents and reports in one centralized digital location that is available to our clients 24/7.
  • Analyze:  Leverage our years of experience and expertise to chart a path toward financial peace of mind.
  • Recommend:  Provide a unique strategic plan for your wealth and your future.
  • Implement:  Put your plan into action. Communicate, monitor and oversee your progress.
  • Report:  Keep you and your family up-to-date on your Life-Minded Wealth® using our secure online portal, myWescottVault®.

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