Effective Strategies for the Management of Concentrated Stock

There are some investors who feel that you have to “bet big” in the stock market to become rich. They are willing to put all their eggs in one basket by investing a large percentage of their investable assets in one particular stock. Others may not intentionally have made this “big bet”, but it just…

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Navigating the Probate Process

What is probate? Essentially, it is the process of identifying, gathering and distributing a decedent’s assets. The details of the process are controlled by state and local rules, and can be further influenced by other factors such as the size and composition of the estate, the terms (or lack of) the estate documents, and the…

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Has Gold Lost Its Shine? – 2014

Since last reporting on gold in our second quarter 2013 Wescott Investment Commentary article, “Has Gold Lost Its Shine?”, the price of gold bullion rose to $1,419.50 on August 28, 2013 before falling to $1,204.50 by year-end. In 2013, gold was down 27.3%, its biggest decline since 1981 (during which it was down 32.6%). Investors in gold-backed exchange-traded…

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Are ETFs Leading Investors Off-Track?

We thought it would be helpful to update our perspective of exchange traded funds (ETFs) and provide our top reasons why we do not directly employ ETFs in our model. It is important to note, however, that some of our managers use ETFs in their portfolio construction to gain exposure for an asset class that…

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Wescott: A History of Our Advice 2014

For your consideration, we have assembled a collection of excerpts from past Wescott Investment Commentary. Throughout a series of bull and bear market cycles, our clients have been able to weather the turbulence due to our adherence to asset allocation, our emphasis on having adequate liquidity to ride out the storms, and our rebalancing strategies…

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