Retirement Planning

New Year’s Resolutions for Business Owners

Owning a business has become increasingly complex. Regulation changes often, causing business owners to worry about how they treat their customers, employees and themselves. And because it’s their business, it’s usually the owners who spend the most time dealing with these evolving requirements.

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Maximizing Your Executive Compensation Plan

Executive compensation plans have become increasingly complex over the last decade, with companies seeking the right balance of guaranteed vs. performance-based pay to appease both stakeholders and company leaders.

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Avoiding Retirement Peer Pressure

In retirement, it can be tempting to look over the fence at how neighbors are spending their golden years and wonder if they’re living better or if you’re spending your time and money in the right ways. What’s more, social media heightens the pressure by serving as a highlight reel of everyone’s best experiences.

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Why Millennials Should be Thinking About Retirement Now

When the Millennial generation retires, they will have paid off a larger average student loan debt than any previous generation and will receive less financial support for retirement from their employers and their government than those who went before them. Employers are pulling back on retirement benefits and the current embattled state of Social Security…

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5 Questions to Help You Maximize the Sale Price of Your Business

Motivations behind the sale of a business are many and often complex. While portfolio liquidity for retirement years may be one, reducing risks concerning the future capabilities of the company, industry and employees may be another.  Risks inherent in business ownership also take on greater alarm as a client approaches an age when he or…

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