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Wescott’s Approach to Data Security – myWescottVault®

In the wake of the Equifax breach, we understand many of our clients are concerned about the security of their financial data. There are many ways to limit the misuse of personal information from the breach, and we encourage clients to stay vigilant in monitoring credit accounts and proactive in setting up the right protections.

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Why We Keep Score in Financial Planning

For many people, the process of gathering financial documents is like spring cleaning. It’s a necessary task avoided until the last minute. Because of that, it often constrains the financial planning experience, rather than bringing clients and advisors closer.

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Maximizing Your Executive Compensation Plan

Executive compensation plans have become increasingly complex over the last decade, with companies seeking the right balance of guaranteed vs. performance-based pay to appease both stakeholders and company leaders.

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Avoiding Retirement Peer Pressure

In retirement, it can be tempting to look over the fence at how neighbors are spending their golden years and wonder if they’re living better or if you’re spending your time and money in the right ways. What’s more, social media heightens the pressure by serving as a highlight reel of everyone’s best experiences.

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The Essential Characteristics of Personal Financial Technology

Wescott recently undertook the development and launch of our cloud-based client portal, myWescottVault™. As we thought about the essential functionality and utility of our offering, we became part of the ongoing conversation in the financial services industry, a tug-of-war between convenience and safety. One side advocates the absolute necessity of

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Planning for the Future of Your Business during the Trump Administration

This month, President-elect Donald Trump will take office and business owners around the country will await clarity on the future of corporate tax law. The incoming administration has positioned itself as pro-business and pro-growth, outlining a tax plan that would potentially grant small businesses more cash flow and financial flexibility. While there are still many…

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