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New Year’s Resolutions for Business Owners

Owning a business has become increasingly complex. Regulation changes often, causing business owners to worry about how they treat their customers, employees and themselves. And because it’s their business, it’s usually the owners who spend the most time dealing with these evolving requirements.

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What’s So Hard About Passing Hard Assets to the Next Generation?

As the baby boomer generation approaches one of the largest transfers of wealth in U.S. history, individuals are focusing on how to facilitate the flow of their assets to their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  Passing along more liquid assets – like stocks, bonds and cash – is somewhat straightforward. 

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Wescott’s Approach to Data Security – myWescottVault®

In the wake of the Equifax breach, we understand many of our clients are concerned about the security of their financial data. There are many ways to limit the misuse of personal information from the breach, and we encourage clients to stay vigilant in monitoring credit accounts and proactive in setting up the right protections.

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Why We Keep Score in Financial Planning

For many people, the process of gathering financial documents is like spring cleaning. It’s a necessary task avoided until the last minute. Because of that, it often constrains the financial planning experience, rather than bringing clients and advisors closer.

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