Julia L. Reynolds

Advisor Assistant/Office Coordinator

Julia Reynolds is an Advisor Assistant/Office Coordinator with Wescott, responsible for the operational initiatives and processes for the firm’s Fort Washington office.  She oversees the custodial processes and relationships for two of the firm’s custodians, which includes the handling money movement, account openings, and any client requests.

In addition to assisting Wescott’s Business Development Team with their growth and marketing projects, she supports the Fort Washington Wealth Management Team with its day-to-day operations and serves as Fort Washington’s primary liaison with the Philadelphia office.

Prior to joining Wescott, Julia was a sales and client relations assistant with a Pennsylvania law firm and worked for a small financial services firm supporting two advisors and managing the office.  Her other professional experience includes serving as a customer service representative for an insurance firm and real estate sales.

She resides in Stowe, Pennsylvania and has two children.

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