Christopher A. Spay

Trading and Operations Specialist

Chris Spay is Wescott’s Trading and Operations Specialist and is responsible for placing all securities trades in client portfolios, auditing client accounts for accuracy and reconciling client reports with custodians’ statements.  He is the point person for all of Wescott’s custodians for transaction-related issues and also oversees the transfer process for clients who move securities between custodians.  Chris  is also involved with many projects to improve the services we offer to clients and serves on the firm’s Portfolio Strategy Group, which oversees the firm’s dynamic investment strategies, ongoing due diligence of Wescott’s investment managers and asset allocation design.

Prior to joining Wescott, Chris worked for Wachovia Wealth Management and SEI Investments. He received his bachelor’s degree in finance from Saint Joseph’s University.

Chris resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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