Tax Planning

Tax-Savvy Retirement Strategies for the Business Owner

Retirement planning presents unique opportunities and challenges for owners of closely held businesses who have accumulated significant wealth. Developing a retirement strategy that aligns with your goals as a business owner as early as possible is a crucial step toward ensuring a successful transition to working less and maintaining your desired lifestyle. Whether you’re just…

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Reducing Your Tax Burden in Retirement

In the years leading up to retirement, too many people overlook opportunities to reduce their tax liability. Whether you are working into your 70s or retiring in your 50s, simple strategies executed at the right time can cushion your retirement funds and ensure you have the flexibility to maintain your lifestyle through your retired years.…

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5 Questions to Help You Maximize the Sale Price of Your Business

Motivations behind the sale of a business are many and often complex. While portfolio liquidity for retirement years may be one, reducing risks concerning the future capabilities of the company, industry and employees may be another.  Risks inherent in business ownership also take on greater alarm as a client approaches an age when he or…

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Getting the Most Out of Your Charitable Giving

Amid the bustling holiday shopping season, many people take this time of year as an opportunity to contribute to their favorite charities, non-profit organizations, churches or synagogues. Aside from the warm feelings you receive by making a gift to a cause you support, there are tax benefits to be aware of, too, some of which…

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