Our Approach

A powerful and personal approach

Every financial decision, big or small, is driven by two sets of information:

1) Your Financial Assets

The structural data that represents your tangible wealth.

2) Your Financial Mindset

The unstructured physiology and emotions that represent your perceptions and feelings about wealth.

Yet many firms deliver advice based solely on financial data or template strategies—ignoring the psychological and emotional context of a client’s mindset. This is not only incomplete, it’s dangerous.

As a result, many people with wealth still feel confused, uncertain, anxious and negative. We provide a strategic plan and lift the weight off of their shoulders.

Through our Life-Minded Wealth® approach Wescott integrates financial expertise with life expertise into a single advisory service.

Our expert teams of financial advisors, CPAs, MBAs and attorneys, on-staff psychologists, Ph.D.s and family counselors help you see and consider all sides of every financial decision.

The results are powerful and personal—more informed and more effective financial decisions that make people feel good about their wealth. Our clients tell us they feel relieved, confident, self-assured and empowered. And that’s what good advice should feel like.

Portfolio Management

Our approach to portfolio management considers your unique situation and goals, while also incorporating a methodical and opportunistic investment strategy.

We provide customized portfolio design to address liquidity needs, manage distribution requirements and monitor allocation and rebalancing. We also provide each client detailed analysis and comprehensive performance reporting.

Investment Management

We take an active and passive approach to create a more durable, dynamic and opportunistic portfolio.

We couple the active management of stock selection with a passive strategy approach, which allows us to control risk and enhance our ability to outperform benchmarks. We diversify our portfolios with regard to geography, asset class and style; and align closely with the Nobel Prize-winning thought leadership pioneered by University of Chicago Professor, Eugene Fama, and put into practice at Dimensional Fund Advisors.

We work with some of the market’s top independent and proven portfolio managers whose unbiased opinions are unique from—but in concert with—those of Wescott. Together, this shared commitment between Wescott and our hand-picked managers, along with portfolio diversification, can deliver success across all market cycles.


Investment Research

Wescott’s success has been built on strategic portfolio management backed by exhaustive market research and years of insights, rooted in academic and economic foundations.

Our Investment Research Group is tenacious and learned. They study investment and market research, monitor ongoing trends and conditions, and closely watch domestic and international news potentially affecting client investment portfolios.

Our investment advisory services include:

  • Customized strategic asset allocation
  • Ongoing investment manager selection
  • Monitoring and performance measurement
  • Performance and transaction analysis
  • Market research, perspectives and reports on strategic investment topics

We take full advantage of our access to managers not available to retail investors. Our team performs due diligence on investment managers and investment vehicles currently approved or anticipated for use in our clients’ portfolios.

Our investment advisory services do not sell or promote any investment or insurance product. None of the managers are in Wescott’s direct employ, which allows us to objectively and quickly make changes necessary to protect the investment vehicle.

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